Academic Tutoring

Students approach us for academic tutoring for a variety of reasons. Some students struggle with understanding an entire subject or just an aspect of the subject. Some have trouble understanding a particular teacher’s style and need another approach. Others are doing quite well but are looking to maintain their A or prepare for an AP Exam or an SAT Subject Test.

Whatever the motivation and wherever your starting point, we are happy to help. Our tutors can help with math, from pre-algebra to post-calculus; science, including biology, chemistry, physics, and electives such as anatomy or genetics; English; history or social sciences such as psychology, sociology, or economics; and some foreign languages. Most of our tutors can help in more than one academic area, so if you don’t know if you need an entire hour of physics tutoring each week, but you think it would be helpful to have a tutor who can help you with both physics and pre-calculus, you have come to the right place. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and goals, and we will match you with someone who can help you reach those goals.