Integrated ACT Engagement

What we provide to schools who are enrolled in our 6 Question program:

  • Multiple monthly English and Math lessons (specifically designed for freshman, sophomore, and juniors) covering one of the topics below:'
    • Math: Algebra, Angles, Arithmetic, Circles, Exponents, FOIL, Fractions, Functions, Mean/Median/Mode, Percents, Ratios, SOH CAH TOA, Triangles, X-Y Plane, Y=MX+B.
    • English: Adjectives/Adverbs, Clarity + Concision, Possession, Pronouns, Punctuation, Subject/Verb Agreement, Transitions, Verb Tense, Writer’s Goal.
  • Instructional videos introducing the English and Math topics of the month.

  • Video explanations that accompany the monthly worksheets.

  • Additional videos and worksheets provided August-November for seniors who are still testing in the fall.
  • Ongoing professional development for the faculty is available upon request.

In 2002, Ladue's mean ACT composite score was 23.7 while testing 85% of the class. For the Class of 2017, Ladue's mean ACT composite score was 25.9 with 99% of the students taking the test. Through his teaching and guidance, Brett Kleitz has played the critical role in our increased institutional awareness and engagement with the test. His results speak for themselves.

Ken Fox
College & Career Counselor
Ladue High School