SSAT / ISEE Tutoring

Many students are used to taking standardized tests in school, but, when it comes time to take a secondary school entrance exam, they may become nervous about a test for the first time ever. It feels like a big deal. It’s on a Saturday morning. It’s not at their own school. It’s taken at a new place with new people. It’s simply a completely new experience.

The SSAT is the current test of choice for the Independent Secondary Schools of St. Louis. Meeting with a tutor can help your student be less anxious about this test. Through exposure to examples from the test itself and a review of the material that will be covered, students gain confidence in themselves and their testing abilities.

If you are looking at a boarding school that prefers the ISEE, we can help with that, too.

Even if the test is still many months away, we encourage you to call as soon as possible to schedule your SSAT or ISEE tutoring. We want to offer you the most flexibility with regards to your child’s busy schedule.